This year, CAPI began working with the City of Minneapolis on the Minneapolis Healthy Corner Store Program  to increase the amount of attractive and affordable produce in small neighborhood stores in Minneapolis. CAPI is working with store owners to do a ‘makeover’ of the produce sections in our partner stores, as well as increase owner knowledge of handling and marketing fresh produce. After helping with store enhancements, CAPI will throw kick-off events to let community members learn about the fruits and vegetables offered in the store.

In June, CAPI conducted a focus group with Hmong clients on food and gardening issues (Click here to read the focus group report.) From the focus group, we learned that affordability and transportation were the two largest barriers that prevented clients from eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as they would have liked. The Corner Store Program increases affordability by helping store owners source produce more efficiently, increasing access to fresh foods within clients’ neighborhoods.

CAPI is currently working with four stores:

Amazing Oriental
2425 West Broadway Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Bader Grocery and Halal Meat Market
1304 E. Lake St. #102, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Minnesota Halal Market
1926 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Sahan Grocery
1530 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55407
We recently completed our first corner store enhancement, with Bader Grocery and Halal Meat Market. We worked with the store owner, Ahmed, to do a "makeover" of his store designed to increase the amount and visibility of fresh produce and other healthy options.

Please stop by Bader Grocery and Halal Meat Market, and support the corner stores that are helping to make Minneapolis a healthier place!


If your corner store is interested in being a part of this program, please contact Pa lee Yang, CAPI’s Health and Food Justice Organizer at: or (612) 767-3682. or (612) 767-3682.


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