programstatsCAPI is dedicated to building vibrant communities and helping Minnesota’s newest immigrants and refugees navigate the services and systems they need to thrive.

What we do

Through our four core program areas, we strive to help refugees and immigrants gain access to jobs, housing, food, health education, and youth and senior social services in order to promote economic independence, self-determination and social equality. While historically known as a social service agency, CAPI has integrated social justice priorities into our work in order to insure lasting improvements in the lives of our participants.


Our mission is to guide refugees and immigrants in the journey toward self-determination and social equality.


Our vision is that all refugees and immigrants lead successful lives and exercise fully their civic rights and responsibilities.


Our approach is based on an equality and asset-based framework. CAPI believes that to effectively guide refugees and immigrants on their journey toward self determination and social equity, we must utilize our communal voices.

  • We work across generations and boundaries so that all voices can be heard.
  • We create community ownership, going beyond staff, board and funders
  • We tailor our projects based on the voices of our constituents–refugees and immigrants
  • We reach out to wide circles of alliances to share resources and to build strength
  • We learn and reflect to refine strategies

CAPI USA is accredited by the Charities Review Council and is a member of the MACC Commonwealth & MACC Alliance. We are committed to accountable and ethical practices.

Who we serve

We serve more than 4,000 low-income immigrants, refugees and people of color living primarily in Hennepin County. Approximately 65% are Asian, 22% are African, 8% are African-American, 3% are other immigrants and 2% are Caucasian. Over 95% of the people we serve are living at or below the federally designated poverty level.

Where we are

CAPI is headquartered in Brooklyn Center on Brooklyn Boulevard and also provide services in three branch locations.