CAPI’s Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is Anchored in:
Integrated Services • Partnerships • Inclusion

CAPI’s theory of change seeks to ultimately advance the social, economic, and political status of Hennepin County immigrants and U.S.-born communities of color through three integrated units including Basic Needs, Economic Empowerment, and Civic Engagement. Basic Needs programming provides direct resources (i.e., Food Shelf, senior programming, etc.), assists people in securing public benefits that they are eligible for (to enhance their economic position), and connects participants to CAPI’s economic empowerment and civic engagement programming to build wealth and affect social and economic change. Economic Empowerment programming (i.e., MFIP, Career Pathways, Financial Empowerment Services) are designed to increase participant’s income and wealth. Civic Engagement programming (i.e., IMAP Coalition, Twin Cities World Refugee Day, systems advocacy, etc.) seeks to elevate the voices of immigrant populations, develop leaders, and connect people to the community. 

Compassion, Hope, and Opportunities…

We care. Those two simple words flow through everything we do at CAPI, empowering our clients to lead healthy, secure lives. Where there are barriers and fear, we bring hope and opportunities to all we serve. Compassion drives all we do, helping individuals access the resources and pathways that will change their lives and lift up our communities. That’s our goal – to change people’s lives, empower them, and impact the communities we call home.