Staff & Board

CAPI is an immigrant-led organization.

We employ a diverse staff and volunteer board of directors in order to make our services linguistically and culturally accessible to multiple immigrant/refugee communities.

We speak 18 languages:

Amharic, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Hmong, Pashto, Laotian, Dari,
Mandarin, Nepali, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, and Vietnamese

CAPI Leadership Team

Mary Niedermeyer

Director of Finance & Operations
David Monterrosa

Senior Human Resources Manager
Abdoulaye Ba

Operations Manager
Amanda Prestegaard

Development Director
Paul Andrighetti

Communications Director
Monique Hernandez
For press inquiries, contact Monique Hernandez.

Events and Volunteer Manager
Alexi Kleinschmidt

Economic Empowerment Director
Patricia Aguilar

Director of Refugee Services
Becca Hovland

CAPI Board of Directors


Vinothini Ambrose, Chair
The Marcus Buckingham Company, Deployment Consulting Director

Michael Thorsteinson, Vice Chair
Three Rivers Community Action, Inc., Retired Executive Director

Valerie Bosmans, Treasurer
DXC Technology, Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Executive

Nkechi Anyamele, Secretary
Wells Fargo, Executive Director, Risk & Control Officer


Milton Liu
St. Mary’s Food Bank, President & CEO

Louiza Kiritopoulos-Adams
Organizational Psychologist, Executive and Leadership Coach, Mediator/Conflict Resolution

Sillys Heilman
Stay at Home Parent and Community Member

Ali Tranvik
Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Pastor

Bernadette Theis
Jardine, Logan, and O’Brien, Administrator

Ellisun Wolterstorff
Allegro Group, Inc., Chief Experience Officer

Laura Martin
RAZR Marketing, Chief Human Resources Officer

Interested in Joining the CAPI Board?

“As a child of immigrants, I know first hand how overwhelming it can be to
uproot yourself or your family to a new place where the language, food,
landscapes, and culture are so new. I love this organization because it provides
those who are in need with a guide to help them navigate the unknown, support to tackle
the overwhelming, and something familiar by way of a face that reminds you of home.”

-Vinothini Ambrose, CAPI Board Chair