About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide refugees and immigrants in their journey toward self-determination and social equality.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all refugees and immigrants can lead successful lives and exercise fully their civic rights and responsibilities.

Who We Serve

CAPI USA was founded as The Centre for Asian and Pacific Islanders in 1982 by a coalition of church groups helping Southeast Asian refugees settle in Minnesota in the aftermath of the Vietnam war. Since then, CAPI has embraced new refugees and immigrants from all over the world. In 2008, the agency changed its name to CAPI USA to reflect this increasingly multicultural focus and diverse client base.

We serve more than 12,000+ under resourced immigrants, refugees and people of color living primarily in Hennepin County. Approximately 61% are Asian, 19% are Black/African-American, 8% are Middle Eastern, 7% are Latinx, and 5% are White/Other. Over 95% of the people we serve are living at or below the federally designated poverty level.

An Immigrant-Led Organization

Over 75% of our leadership team are BIPOC and identify as immigrants or children of immigrants. Clients can expect to interact with professionals who understand their culture and language, ensuring deep trust and connection.

Accessibility to Multiple Services

CAPI’s service model is intentional and holistic. Our Basic Needs department seeks to address the immediate needs of the community through culturally-specific and nutritional food access, community health, benefits assistance, and senior support. Our Economic Empowerment department focuses on long-term support through financial education and homebuying, career training, and job search. CAPI also seeks to strengthen the democratic participation of immigrant and refugee communities through voter education and registration and supporting policies that address system inequities.

Our Approach

We know that every individual is unique, with different needs, and we understand that what clients need today is likely to change tomorrow. With that in mind, we take a person-centered approach that is consistent with each client’s values and culture, and that invites ongoing feedback from clients.

  • Valuing voices across generations
  • Promoting community ownership beyond just our team
  • Collaborating widely to share resources and amplify impact
  • Continuously learning and refining our strategies

CAPI USA is accredited by the Charities Review Council and is a member of the MACC Commonwealth & MACC Alliance. We are committed to accountable and ethical practices.