CAPI is pleased to announce a Capital Campaign for the Immigrant Opportunity Center!

CAPI’s Immigrant Opportunity Center is a game-changer.

Immigrants are overwhelmingly hard-working, tax-paying citizens that are a key ingredient of Minnesota’s workforce and have played an increasingly important role in our state’s economic success. Immigrants do however experience significant social and economic inequalities exacerbated by anti-immigrant sentiment and difficulties in accessing culturally appropriate services. Guided by a strategic imperative to make our services increasingly accessible to diverse immigrant populations, CAPI has aspired to create a new multi-service community center that is welcoming and supportive to all Asian, African, and Latinx populations. Over the past 3 years, CAPI has been searching for an ideal location for its new Immigrant Opportunity Center. During this same time-period, CAPI’s organizational budget, staff, and programming has consistently grown to the point where the agency has outgrown two longstanding rental sites.

CAPI’s 2-story 10,692 square foot Immigrant Opportunity Center (located at 5930 Brooklyn Boulevard in Brooklyn Center) will make services increasingly accessible to a growing immigrant population living in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, and North Minneapolis area. The Immigrant Opportunity Center (IOC)
will consolidate a growing portfolio of CAPI programs in one location and create a strong platform for mobilizing new partnerships focused on enhancing economic opportunities for Asian, African, Latinx, and other communities of color living in relative proximity to this new multi-service community center. CAPI’s $1.84 million IOC capital campaign will turn our vision of a welcoming immigrant-focused, multi-service community center into reality. With your support, CAPI’s Immigrant Opportunity Center will create a more vibrant community where opportunities for economic, civic, and social participation are within everyone’s reach.

Thank you for your continued support.

Download the Capital Campaign Brochure