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CAPI’s mission is to guide refugees and immigrants on their journey towards self-determination and social equality.

Whether you are seeking guidance in setting your career goals, wanting help with your job search, pursuing a short-term training or career credential, or wanting expert financial advice – CAPI has a program for everyone!

We use the answers to this form to ensure you get connected to the maximum amount of support available to you based on your unique situation, interests, and needs.

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    Career Services and Financial Opportunity Center

    CAPI has a unique career and personal finance center to help you reach your career, educational, and financial goals.
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    Culturally-Based Programs

    CAPI has culturally-specific programming to support persons/ families that immigrated from Africa, Southeast Asia, and Afghanistan.
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    Industry Training and Credentialing Programs

    CAPI has partnerships with local colleges and other training providers that provide specialized training and credentials in the following areas.
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    Green Energy
    Earn $2,500 over the course of a paid 5-week training followed by a paid internship for four months. Receive an industry-recognized credential in Building Science Principles and begin your career as a Green Energy Home Auditor or Inspector.

    Property Maintenance
    Complete a 60-hour Property Maintenance Technician training program in 4 weeks and earn your Minnesota Special Engineer Boiler's License.

    Certified Nursing Assistant
    Become board certified as a nursing assistant in CAPI’s 5-week training program.

    Internationally Trained Professionals
    Are you internationally trained and seeking to reenter the healthcare field? Receive up to $5,000 in tuition assistance, credential evaluation resources, referrals, and employment support.

    Other Training Interest